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SunRex Products is excellent in performance and Manufactured by SUNREX POWER UNLIMITED in integrated production system with strict quality control & played a pioneering role in the industrial world as a specializing in Power Semiconductors and Semiconductor Fuses.
SunRex is well known name as a World Leader of Power Semiconductors and Semconductors Fuses. Our Products always make a positive contribution in world economy & force to good performance, quality & technology.

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SunRex Power group making a steady growth towards the 21st century and active in opening overseas market for all countries and Sahil Electronics is our Indian Partner for Selling Power Semiconductors & Semiconductor Fuses.

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SunRex having wide range of PWB & PWA Series three phase non-isolated Welding Thyristor Modules (Half Bride) in Current 80 Amps, 90 Amps, 100Amps, 130Amps, 150 Amps, 200 Amps with Blocking Peak Inverse Voltage up to 600 having highest reliability and good Performance for short-circuit current CRabsorber, & direct Replacement of Mitsubishi P/NO: TM-90 SA-6 & TM-150 SA-6 etc.

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SunRex products having diversified needs of the industrial world and reputed name in various fields for their excellent quality and performance.



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